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St Patrick’s Day in Dublin Is Way More Affordable Than You’d Think

The Dylan: nice beds, no dubious rockers. We could deal with that

Well oi’ll be damned (say that in an Irish accent, it might make more sense). It’s St Paddy’s Day coming up (17 March) and if you want to go ultra-authentico and spend it in Dublin, you’d better get your planning skates on.

But here’s the good news – pricewise, places seem to be less than extortionate, considering Dublin is an extortionate city, even on the off season. We just checked out two of Dublin’s poshest hotels: the Clarence, which is owned by Bono and his greasy chums, and the Dylan, which is so sleek it has no need of dodge celeb booking.

The Clarence has double rooms starting at €189 ($256/£168), and the Dylan’s even cheaper at €179 ($243/£159). If you don’t want to travel on a hangover, it even has a stay two nights, get one free package going down at the moment. Who’da thunk it? That leaves plenty of euros left to spend down Temple Bar.

Dublin Strikes Again with a Hotel Anti-View

This rather grim view was what greeted hotel fan uggboy during a stay at The Crowne Plaza Hotel Dublin-Northwood. We know—when you think of Ireland, you think of rolling green hills, or lovely seaside cliffs. Not, um, bland brick walls.

To be fair, this Crowne Plaza is not in a traditional tourist location, but in the business-oriented Northwood Park—near the airport. (It claims to be one of the largest conference hotels in Ireland and was named Ireland’s Business Hotel of the Year in 2006. All rooms have free internet access) From the photos on the website, the rooms themselves look pretty nice, but we all know how a crappy view can take the wind out of even the sweetest suite. Being faced with this would not make us excited about doing business—of any kind. In the words of uggboy:

The view from our room in the hotel! Inspirational?

He also mentions that the design of hotel is “not the most inspiring from the outside and could do with a refreshing renovation on the inside.” He did, however, like the food at the hotel’s restaurant and café (except for the “meager” breakfast), and was a fan of the free transport to and from the airport. Which is good for a fast getaway, if the view starts to get you down.

International Hotel WiFi: Sounds Promising at Academy Plaza in Dublin

After finding that the Best Western Madrid does pretty well in the WiFi stakes, we weren’t surprised to discover that the same chain is advertising good access in Dublin, too. The Best Western Academy Plaza Hotel in central Dublin boasts free WiFi throughout the hotel; they emphasize that this is throughout the property, including guest bedrooms.

We’ve been hunting for feedback, but haven’t yet heard from anyone who’s used the WiFi service. There is also an internet service in guest rooms if you don’t have a laptop, and it seems to operate via the television set–one recent guest complained that their room didn’t have a remote control for the TV and it had to be operated using the attached keyboard. Really?

Another guest complained this internet access was almost impossible to navigate and they went downstairs to use the computer provided in the lobby instead. Still, connectivity sounds good and if you’re prepared with your own equipment, the Academy Plaza is keen to get you wirelessly online for free.

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