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Hotel La Palma – Capri

When he visited Capri in 1853, even the great historian, Ferdinando Gregorovius, didn’t waste any time, heading straight for the “Don Michele Pagano” inn, in front of which rose a huge palm tree.

The hotel, just a short distance from the legendary square, soon became the cherished haunt of anyone just arrived in Capri from the farthest flung corners of the world. Apparently, word of mouth between the many intellectuals, writers, artists and aristocrats, led to the extravagantly huge palm tree used to talk about and find the hotel becoming the emblem for unassuming, never ostentatious, but always extremely tasteful hospitality. The Capri way.

Rooms at La Palma

74 rooms ranging from Junior Suites (some with Jacuzzi pools on the panoramic terrace) to De Luxe and Superior Suites, luxuriously equipped with frescoed bathrooms, bedroom trompe d’oeil’s that encapsulate the most striking of Capri’s splendours and retrace the time immemorial traditions of Locanda Pagano.

Hotel Facilities


Seated on the Relais terrace, in the heart of Capri, on the town’s most fashionable road, a time-honoured meeting point for anyone visiting the island, you can savour the delights of traditional Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by a vast array of the best wine produced the region wide.
The hotel’s other locales, namely the Portico, the Gazebo or the Relais, can be used to host elegant and exclusive functions, with stately tables to sit from 10 to 70 people, or even Roof Garden Gala Dinners for 360 people, swathed by the picturesque backdrop, the only one of its kind in the whole of the old town.

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