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Epiphytes by Dan Pearlman

a plant that grows upon another plant non-parasitically or sometimes upon some other object, such as a building or a telegraph wire, derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain and sometimes from debris accumulating around it, and is found in the temperate zone and in the tropics.”

Such is the concept in the designs of Dan Pearlman furniture and objects; creations that grow upon and within the interior of a house, office, or apartment.  Interlacing around the walls, crawling across the table, creating various forms and shapes like green moss-like creatures, that vary in shape and size.  Sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy, as they glow or stand still to only make themselves useful in other ways.

The products which were designed for the Epiphytes collection include a television set, loudspeakers, lamps, vases, dishes, mirrors and a news rack.   The Epiphytes were designed while paying close attention to how an epiphytes plant would react while retaining the function of the object being designed.  The design and development process of each product was created in a prototype where it was vital that each object be variable in form, color and dispatch.  The product designs create polygonal and polymorphic shapes that transform themselves within the setting.

Dan Pearlman and werk5 created designs that not only meet the needs and requirement of the future of interior design but also create new routes to production.  The furniture designed and produced suspends from its steadily defined application and becomes flexible and adaptable in the production process.  The development of the design and the implementation are interrelated non-stop so that the design can be created in real-time.  For instance, the Clamber Lamp of the Epiphytes Collection grows upon the desk which it has been placed on to only act as a rare plant; Clamber Lamp is to be developed and set in production in cooperation with Philips Electronics Inc.

Nicole Srock-Stanley, founder and managing director of Dan Pearlman claims that “habitation, life and work are becoming more flexible and multifunctional.  With the Epiphytes we want to meet this development, while our objects are like morphings derived from the fields of manufacturing, furnishing and biology.”  These funky objects are surely going to invade many houses in the near future to only give their own polymorphic presence to the occupants of each interior.

ABOUT DAN PEARLMAN //Dan Pearlman creates new worlds

Dan Pearlman’s key area of expertise is integrated in multi-dimensional brand management, combining the Pearlman strategy: communication, design, architecture and media.  Both business divisions, brand architecture and experience architecture, focus on emotionality and holistic awareness.  Contact between people and brands can be shaped in different ways and, for that reason, Dan Pearlman seeks to communicate brands in different ways as well: inwardly and outwardly, physically and intellectually, substantially and emotionally, in real spaces and in media generated spaces. The agency responds to his consumer’s different communication objectives through four independent, specialized units: strategy, retail, exhibition and media.  It uses brand values and experience modules, supported by strategic references and an eye for mans recreational needs, to develop and implement architectural concepts and turn them into tangible commodities.  The interaction between several different disciplines and a pronounced sense of creativity are just two of the striking features that earmark all the agency’s projects.

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