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Beautiful and Fresh Green Apartment Design Inspiration

Green is marked as a popular color that can bring fresh atmosphere to every home design. Today, I found an interesting apartment project that runs on fresh ideas. So fresh, inviting and charming in every detail. This apartment is a perfect example for those who love the green and looking for the interior beautiful little apartment with a touch of green. This comfortable, bright and cheerful. Take a tour in these photos inspire below, and find your inspiration.

To achieve the look, fresh bigger, and the report of the walls, modern and floor finished in white. White is generally another way to enlarge the space visually. These apartments are not showing a lot of furniture. Although all the furniture that can be found there is very functional and light. More, there is no wall a lot, it helps to brag brightness of the apartment and the view extended again.

Ok, let’s talk about the main idea: fresh green! Some of the accents of lime to make the interior more livable and attractive carpet like solid lime in the living room and kitchen counter top in the modern chalk. Kitchen modern minimalist dining room is united with the heart of this home. Kitchen and modern room design shared by using the glass room divider with a stylish flower pattern. Clean and bright lighting, which is achieved through a combination of natural light, small ceiling lights, hanging lights large and diverse. Totally awesome.

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