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Hotel Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Hotel opened in March 2005. He was from the outset was to establish itself as one of the best in the world, and it is not surprising. The hotel is owned by the emirate of Abu Dhabi and administered by the hotel chain Kempinski Hotels.

The building itself – a real fairytale castle with traditional Arab architecture. In the heart of the palace complex stands a huge dome with ornaments of colored mosaics. It is surrounded by smaller domes (a total of – 114 pieces), each of which is decorated with a golden spire. In finishing rooms actively ispolvalis natural marble, gilt and precious woods.

Colours Palace rhymes with shades of the Arabian desert sands. Despite Zharsky climate and the high cost of fresh water, creating the hotel was built around a large green oasis (about 100 ha). An interesting detail: specifically for the Emirates Palace were made ​​to order 1,002 chandeliers Swarowsky (only one procedure for cleaning them is a full-day, 10 employees)

And finally, some statistics. In the Emirates Palace:

  1. 170 chefs
  2. 8,000 trees
  3. 128 kitchens
  4. 7000 doors
  5. 40 conference halls,
  6. 2 helipads,
  7. 92 suites,
  8. 302 rooms,
  9. 755 Plasma,
  10. 11 restaurants
  11. 140 lifts.
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