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Beautiful House Overlooking the Ocean

if you are looking for ideas regarding elegant renovations you might just get inspired by the work done by this Japanese architect team, Kidosaki. The renovated Y Residence in Japan has been done up keeping the limited budget in mind.visit site…

The house brings the magic of the ocean view and blends it with the house as much as possible. That way the Japanese approach of bringing the outside in and creating an interdependent relationship between interiors and exteriors is maintained

The entire house is coated in the designers favourite colour, white which goes quite well given the lush surroundings and the surreal ocean landscape.The newly constructed red kitchen is what creates a vivacious contrast. This is a great place to host parties

The space which is left untouched provides people uninterrupted views of the ocean. The renovation has really transformed this place into one which is dreamy and much more vivid at that.

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