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Turning a Mid-Century Building into a Captivating Modern Crib: Elm House

July 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Elm House is a striking 1955 home renovation achieved by Mitchell Weisberg. The residence has a total living area of 2,069 square feet and accommodates four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A large courtyard directs the visitors towards the garage and the main house entrance. This may be a mid-century building, but nothing in its interior design betrays this fact. The interiors are highly modern, with floor to ceiling glass windows which provide exceptional views of the surrounding landscape. The core of the residence is an open plan living room with a large socializing area, an all-equipped kitchen, a dining table and a contemporary fireplace. The white traditional ceiling makes an interesting contrast with the design details below. A generous outdoor terrace communicates with the living room. This is a perfect place for a barbecue and/or friend


Modern Small Apartment Design Ideas by Robert Janevski in Skopje

July 26, 2011 1 comment

This design is a clear example for a delightful apartment in a small space. This apartment with a small space of only 45 m2 was smartly designed to contain a bedroom, a study room, a living room and a baby room. It is difficult in such a small space to create a family atmosphere, but the designer could successfully do that using colors in an excellent combination between light and warm; white color is dominating floors and most of walls which bring a light ambiance and make you feel that the space is larger. In the bedroom, warm brown give an intimate feeling and match beautifully with lighting on top of the bed. To not occupy space, TV is hanged on wall.

A large & practical bookcase is separating bedroom on study room which consists of only a small desk and a comfortable chair in pure white color to contrast with brown in bedroom. A small dressing is hidden behind the large bookcase. Glass doors are looking awesome; the designer used them to separate rooms without reducing space, chic glass doors separate study room on the relaxing room which is combining a living or rest room with a baby nursery. This rest room is composed of a relaxing lounge chair, a beautiful storage cabinet and a baby cot in addition to some stylish wall shelves. Its green walls and white floors are making a magnificent harmony especially with white chair, cot, shelves and brown storage unit.

Intriguing Sci-Fi Apartment Design by A-cero

July 25, 2011 Leave a comment

This futuristic looking apartment is a duplex rehabilitation project recently completed by A-cero Architects in Galicia, Spain. Here is an excerpt from the official architects’ description: “The wide entrance hall distributes, on the one hand, the most public area, composed by a big dining room and, on the other side, a courtesy w.c, a bedroom in-suite with a finished bathroom that can be for guests or for service and the kitchen. On the opposite side, there are the sculptural stairs that will lead us to the most private stays. In the living room, as in the rest of the house, the white colour is the protagonist. Only some elements like the lacquered black wood console by “A-cero in”, the Ace model couches, also by “A-cero in” upholstered in velvet champagne tone, break this white monochromia

On the other hand, also in this floor, one more service area is located, with a courtesy W.C, a kitchen and a service or guest bedroom in suite with complete bath. The kitchen, which has an elongated disposition, was designed by A-cero just for its space, also characterized by the white colour, and emphasizes the Hi-Macs black desk. A sculptural staircase drives to the low part of the house where the principal bedroom in suite is located, with its own bath and dressing-room, and another two bedrooms. In the bedrooms, the closets are lacked and in the principal bedroom the bed with surrounding headrest and small Capri model tables by A-cero in”. We find this approach extremely daring, though A-cero proved us time and time again they are up for extreme design challenges.

Trendy Home in California Overlooking an Olive Orchard

July 25, 2011 Leave a comment

This modern home was designed by Cooper Joseph Studio and is located in the Dry Creek Valley near Sonoma, California. According to the architects, it is spread on three levels and its total surface is 850 square feet. Here is a short description from the project developers: “Situated at the top of an olive orchard, the exposure faces north, taking advantage of the breezes, and shade from existing forests to the south. Exploiting an existing open area with particularly hard clay soils we removed no trees. The goal was to create an energy efficient, compact dwelling where the clients could sit in shaded areas, entertain friends with their own food production, and enjoy the wonderful views across agricultural lands. The structure is anchored, to the steep hillside with a series of retaining walls and cascading exterior decks, each linked to an interior space. The circulation always directs you to the views while the fenestration protects from the hot southern sun in favor of soft northern light. The main interior stair skewers the levels along the predominant central concrete wall”….VIA

London Furniture

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Exotic and Inspirational Home in New Zeeland: Takapuna House

Here is more from the project developers: “This beach front home was constructed in the 1980′s and designed by a well respected Architectural firm of the day. The project required stripping the house back to the structural shell and modifying the internal planning of the house to create a much stronger connection between the inside and outside spaces, and between the upper and lower levels of the home. Minimilistic detailing was utilised with a simple palette of white and bleached timber to provide a casual beach living quality, complimenting the owners eclectic furnishings and art“. Everything about this home is captivating, inspiring peacefulness and complete relaxation.

Charming Apartment with Surprising Design Elements

July 7, 2011 1 comment

Have a look at this fascinating apartment in case you are curious how 64 square meters can be turned into a spacious, chic living space. The hall that welcomes you is wide, featuring high ceilings and light walls, introducing you to the typical 20’s style with tight stucco and decorative parquet. The living room is large enough to accommodate a large sofa, a coffee table, a reading corner and a few lockers for storage. The open floor plan allows the light to flow freely in the apartment. We are certain your attention was caught by the highly original wall drawing, which gives the room a dynamic, yet stylish touch. To the right of the hall there is a roomy lovely bedroom inspiring comfort and also a bit of energy due to splashes of color here and there. Enjoy the photos and tell us which room you like best.