Kitchen and bath designer Molly McCabe’s “Favorite Space” is her kitchen.

Why she loves it: “It was made with me in mind,” designer Molly McCabe says of her 217-
square-foot kitchen, created during the remodel of the 3-Star Built Green home on Bainbridge Island where she lives with her husband and their two teenage children

“I incorporate as many sustainable design principles and materials in my 
projects as possible,” McCabe says. Her own kitchen is a perfect example of 
this. McCabe opted for durable CaesarStone counter tops that don’t require 
chemical-laden cleaning products (“I just use vinegar and water,” she notes), 
energy-efficient appliances, low-flow faucets, Forest Stewardship Council–certified maple cabinets and sustainable cork flooring

Her kitchen does double duty as a personal sanctuary for McCabe, an avid chef, and as a showroom for her business. She installed a number of features—soft-close drawers, hinged cabinet lids, an ergonomic butcher-block counter, custom drawer and cabinet organization, an appliance garage and more—to give her clients the opportunity to see several options in one place and cut down on trips to stores across Bainbridge and Seattle.

“I love to cook, and my kitchen has all the best amenities,” McCabe says. “It’s easy for my kids to cook in here, and a lot of people can be in here together comfortably.” For a kitchen designer—and a busy mom—nothing could be better. read more

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