Modern Kitchen Sink Faucets by Nobili

Modern Kitchen Sink Faucets by Nobili ,This is a kitchen that is 100% recyclable. In understanding the global environment and the principles of durable development, it not only produces furniture in a material can be recycled and also promised to ensure their recycling at no cost. Thus, designer Gabriele Centazzo, after drawing Riciclantica model, even went so far as to reveal the kitchen design of ecological and recyclable glass and aluminum, the design of “gReenaissance” is amazing.visit site

Its modular concept featuring clean lines and modern finish. Cabinets made ​​of glass, the material easily and completely recyclable with very good resistance to water, steam and heat, which ensures more durability. Its smoothness can significantly increase in storage space. The structure is made from recycled aluminum. The use of the manufacturing method has the advantage of not eating but 20% of the energy required for primary products.

Without using glue, joints mechanically assembled elements, this allows, at the end of life cycle, to dismantle and separate easily by, only recycled glass and the aluminum into new materials that can be reused. This is a very attractive kitchen with an ultra-modern design and futuristic look; gReenaissance is environmentally friendly kitchen but also practical, stylish and comfortable.

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